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ARE WE DIVISIVE BY NATURE? A Little Thought -Farid Talukder

Have you ever had a feeling like you were standing alone on the ruins of your life? Possibly. If you are one of them who all of a sudden discover the dreams of life have been lost like stars behind dark clouds. Pessimistic thought! Well, have you ever experienced a feeling that a monster civilization is dancing on the better side of your emotion, of your heart? Even more pessimistic thought? No my friend, life is not always like that. There are lot of good things around. There are lot of small things which can bring enormous pleasures to this short life. It is not only Donald Trump, Modi, Saudi Kingdom and so and so on. Still lot of good people in this planet. Still flower blossoms even on an uncared tree branch. Still nature is so great!

It is almost 200,000 years that the modern form of Homosapiens has been around on this planet earth. Homosapiens with an average brain size of 1260 cubic cm. Homosapiens who self-declared themselves as the best creatures of God or Mother Earth? Whose biggest discovery possibly is the fire from lifeless stone. Who, an atheist might suggest,  invented religions, communes and possibly the mighty God too. So, we travelled a lot. Surely we can feel proud of our achievements. Can we? We went to the Moon, are planning to go to Mars and we invented cell phones!  But how far have we been able to dig into our own heart, our own soul. Are we harmoniously respectful to our common interest and happiness or we are selfish and divisive in nature. Which one is dominating our basic instinct. This question often comes to mind and doubt has any clear answer. At least to me.

First let us try to understand 3 simple rules of nature. 
1. Each and every living animal of nature is emotionally different. 
2. Each and every organism are always fighting for its survival. 
3. Natural selection conflicts with the homogeneity of its inhabitants and encourages diversity of the gene pool. 

If we look at the 2nd rule, looks like we find our answer quickly. And that is, we are all alone selfish. But it is a bit more complex than that. First, we can not survive all alone. 2nd our survival instinct goes down to reproduction level. 

Let us try to have a brief look to our ancestors' life. Most animals (except Bears and few other species) prefer to live in groups. So do humans. In early days, along with food, our ancestors had to face two other big challenges. Fight with other group of animals and fight with natural disaster like severe climate change. In terms of fighting, Homosapiens had a huge advantage over other groups of animals and that is, they unified much quicker than other groups. In addition, humans created tools and weapons to aid in fighting and survival. I assume that was the key thing for humans to come to this stage. In this process they even killed their closest relatives The Neanderthal (extinct around 40,000 years before). Once they established their supremacy over all other groups, they started fighting among themselves to become the supreme in their own group. In different form which is present even nowadays. And doubt it will ever end. Fighting with mighty nature was not that easy. We see it now too. In very early times, coping up with natural disaster was mainly confined to physical evolution. Evolution is an inevitable and constant process. In later days it started in various forms. Getting defeated time to time by nature, human beings learned to bow their  head to mighty powers. They started worshipping the powers of different forms and in different ways. In the process, they invented Gods and Religions. So, religions and present form of beliefs are also a product of evolution process. Most of the people in our world are the followers of different religions in one way or other. They talk about humanity but at the same time they killed and are still killing people of different religions or people of different factions of same religion to uphold their supremacy. It's contradictory, isn't it? Looks like it's another core theme inside religions. Or, we the believers failed to attach our beliefs to our soul in thousand years.

In the present world, we human beings are divided in numerous way. Divided by religions, tribes, by zones,  by colours, by rich and poor and so and so on. We developed rules, created organizations and many other things to make this earth a better place to live for all. But reality says, still we are way too far from our destination post. Still blood sheds each and every corner of world. Still a newborn baby breathes in chemically poisoned air! Still babies are starving to death! While  millions of tons of food goes into waste everyday? Sad..! But why??

To reveal the truth, I would like to mention a couple of interesting things here. From the dawn of civilization to date, all the laws, rules and organizations that have been established in the society were made by the privileged and powerful class. The lower domain people had no participation to it. So, in reality, these are not so much to salvage this class as it is to protect the interests of elites. For example, The UN Organization. Where the veto power belonging to only few countries stamped the death certificate of democracy right at its birth.  UN is the bigger model which prototypes the smaller model of any individual community on earth surface. Though, religions were a exception to those but unfortunately very often we see the religious leaders appear in the scene as an ally of those devilish will power.

Invention of currency is another milestone in the process of civilization. Eventually, after it made its ground in our life, slowly it dictated all major pathways of evolution, our emotions, our way of thinking towards life. Nowadays power means the power of money. Looks like money can buy, throw, change everything it wants. The whole world is now a hostage to big corporations. Civilization is now being nursed in the dungeon of these monster corporations. They are pushing our beloved earth on its edge.

We build communities, make organizations, allies, samitees, we make Facebook groups, we make it zonal, national and international. All these are good things. It is much easier to bring a big body like the world in harmony by dividing it in different zones or countries. Rather than trying as a whole body one or very discrete levels. Specifically, considering advanced communication systems and globalization, it seems that, we are all the citizens of earth now within a close tie. But are we really? It does not matter whatever allies or groups we make, the aggression of money and massive influence of electronics and online media on our life, is throwing each individual to a very solitary island. Not only that we are getting dissociated from society, family and friends. Reality of our own life and emotional needs getting apart and apart from each other. We are like the horses in a race track. No time to look behind. No time to look around to see for a moment what our heart and soul wants. Monster corporate hunters are behind us. Someone is running only for survival, someone is running for endless greediness ( shame on them ). If you are one of them who failed to be a part of this race because you were trying to find some other meaning of life and your heart cries. Don't regret my friend. You are a good person. You are good heart person. Does not matter how society looks at you. Which way they equate your life. We need some money for a decent life. And to enjoy the beauty of life we do not need a lot. But everyone needs a fair amount. To break the cycle of divisiveness, we need to put the brakes on this dark horse of capitalism.

Farid Talukder 
October 6, 2019